Pods EXTRA Box “Dolce & Nero” Line

7.30 6.46 excl. Vat

Coffee “Extra”




Single coffee portion, in a tablet (pod) type or E.S.E. 44mm. (Easy Serving Espresso). Each pod type E.S.E. 44mm. portion contains 7 grams of ground coffee, proper grinding and compression to ensure the preparation of a perfect espresso coffee. Crimark’s coffee in a portion (pod) is individually packaged so to keep it fresh and unaltered, retaining all its organoleptic characteristics. For coffee preparation with pods, it is necessary to use Pod machines size E.S.E. 44mm. The pod packaging is made from ABACA a natural product. The pack contains 20 pods (20 single portions) of 7 gr.

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Weight 150 g


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