How to buy

Just follow these steps: 

  1. Search for the products that you want.
  2. View the product(s) you are interested in and click on the photograph to zoom in and see every detail and price.
  3. Add all the products that you want to your shopping cart. Then you can choose to carry on shopping or to process the order.
  4. If you wish to continue shopping, repeat the process but if you wish to process the order, log in.
  5. Type the information required in each step (address, shipping and payment methods, etc) and continue.
  6. You will receive an email confirming your order.

Please note that you can always process your order without creating an account with us, but by creating an account you have many useful tools at your disposal, the ability to save any information you want for faster checkout and other perks, including checking easily the status of your order anytime you want.