About Us

Crimark Ltd is a family owned business that operates in the coffee and sugar sectors for more than twenty 20 years. The company manufactures a wide variety of coffees, various types of sugar and sweeteners, and has its own unit standardization and packaging. The long-term experience and management expertise, makes Crimark Ltd., capable of meeting the requirements of the modern market, with quality, efficiency and accuracy.

At all stages of production, maximum attention is given to quality, following international standards of health and safety regulations. All the raw materials that we import and use, are subject to ongoing chemical and antibacterial controls, by qualified personnel. Our production is fully accredited and controlled, and our equipment operates with state-of-the art technology, which enables us to respond to all types of requests. We operate our own packaging facility for our products: for all our coffee products, white and brown sugar and sweeteners. Logos can be customized for our customers.