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Italian Excellence

The high degree of technical know-how on the part of the firm’s specialists, and their particular expertise in the field of coffee allow the firm to satisfy the increasingly exacting requirements of its clients, promoting and extending the culture of coffee drinking, with coffees from all over the world. Thanks to in-depth knowledge of coffee and various courses and masters programmes undertaken by staff at the I.I.A.C. (International Institute of Coffee Tasters), the firm is able to create blends in the best Italian tradition, as well as spreading knowledge of single-origin coffees. Coffee is processed and packaged after a careful selection of the best types, which may be consumed pure or blended, to create exquisite customised blends. Following an initial examination of the green (raw) coffee and a meticulous process of roasting and grinding, the appearance, aroma and taste in the cup is evaluated.

Bio Quality products such as Coffee Integra Noi, Coffee Integra After, Coffee Integra Recharge, Coffee Integra Slim Line, Coffee Integra Digestive, Coffee Integra Relax and Coffee Integra Liposol